...Tech & Sound Arts

Brett Ian Balogh

Matt Daly
electronic media

Paul Dickinson
sound art, installation, bioacoustic research (UIC)

Rick Gribenas
installation, performance, sound (UIC)

Andrew Hicks
video installation (SAIC)

Helen Kostis
electronic visualization, virtual reality (UIC EVL)

Gordon Kummel
electronic media

Leif Krinkle*
video, sound, robotics (ITP)

Eric Leonardson
experimental instruments, sound thinking & design

Bernard Manning
electronic/digital media

Roman Mars
documentary radio, world of sound (Chicago Public Radio)

Jason Salavon
new media art

Victoria Scott
electronic installation, sculpture, audio work (SAIC)

Lincoln Schatz
generative video

Tina Shah
telematic art, video, photography (UIC EVL)

Bob Snyder
sound, music, mind (SAIC)

Stel Valavanis
computer technology, sound (Onshore, M5, ChiFi)


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